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Happy clients share their thoughts

The Cranes with their Pups.jpg

Jon and Jonelle

with Kona and Milo


"We like the fact that our pups can roam freely and have access to both indoor and outdoor space.


Judging by all the photos and videos we got from Hugs, Kona and Milo enjoyed the walks Chris took them on.

It was the perfect home away from home for them."

Testimonial photo of Leon and his dog, Nala

Wendi with Mazie


"Chris and Barbara care for my pet so much it feels like I'm leaving her with family.

Best rates, super clean home, fenced yard, and flexible hours are some of the reasons for me.

I've never trusted anyone more with my dog and she loves them."

Testimonial photo of Hilary and Hal with their two dogs Penny and Sidney

Hilary and Hal with Sidney and Penny


"We are having our home remodeled so during the

day we take our dogs to

Hugs Pet Sitting.


They look forward to going and are so happy to play when they get there. Peaches and Penny are now best friends!


Barbara and Chris both do a great job of taking care of them. They love them like their own.


We are so grateful.”

Testimonial photo of Jonah and his dog, Zeus

Jonah with Zeus


"We met Chris and his dogs on a walk. My Zeus immediately liked Peaches and Yuki.


We chatted and I found out that Chris could take care of Zeus while we were on vacation.


We left him at Hugs Pet Sitting for 17 days when we went on vacation to Spain.”

Testimonial photo of Ron and his dogs, Stewie and Stacy

Ron with Stewie and Stacy


“We brought our dogs to Hugs when we took a long overdue trip to Yosemite.


The Cavanaugh’s and their dogs took great care of our babies.


They texted us photos everyday so we didn’t miss them as much.”

Laura w.Toby 1.jpg

Laura with Toby


“Chris & Barbara took care of Toby as if he was a member of their family.


We were kept updated on a daily basis with photos or videos of his activities.

We were able to enjoy our vacation without worrying about him - and that was important to us.”

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