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Dog Day Care

Drop your furry friend off in the morning, and pick him or her up in the afternoon!

Doggy day care is a great option for older dogs who need special attention, young puppies that are working on becoming house broken, dogs with behavioral issues, or dogs who are separated from their owners for long periods of time due to work hours.


At Hugs, guests get at least one long walk a day (usually more!) and are in a common environment where they can interact with other dogs and have free range of beds, couches, and an outdoor area. Dog day care also includes feeding them and giving meds if necessary, and plenty access to fresh water.


Unlike a large commercial kennel, we can only have a few dogs in our dog day care. That means that each dog gets lots of personalized attention. Since we work out of our home, there is virtually always someone here to take care of any issues that may arise.


Overnight Boarding

Give your pup a fun-filled vacation for an overnight or more!

We do long term dog boarding for you in our home, which is an alternative to a large ‘warehouse’ kennel. These large kennels typically have dozens of dogs at once (or more.)


We can only care for a handful so they get lots of personal care.

For years we boarded and fostered for Helen Woodward Animal Center, which has given us the experience to make sure your dog boarding experience is first class and professional.


To keep you close to your canine kids, we love to text you short videos and photos of their walks and activities.

To start your dog boarding experience here, we begin with at short meet-and-greet. We'll schedule a time for you and your pet to come to our home to see the place and meet our dogs. 


We strongly believe that dog boarding has to be a good fit for both parties. If there isn’t a fit, that’s okay too. We accept only sweet, socialized dogs.

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