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About Us

Photo of Chris and Barbara Cavanaugh with their dogs Yuki and Peaches

The Family that Takes Care of Your Canine Kids

Howdy! We're Barbara and Chris Cavanaugh. Our canine kids are Yuki, a 11-year old German Shepherd, and Peaches, a 5-year old Papillon mix. Both are rescue dogs.

We've done fostering and volunteering for years for groups like SoCal German Shepherd Rescue, Spay-Neuter Action Project and Helen Woodward Animal Center.

Photo of Barbara Cavanaugh with dog Peaches
Barbara Cavanaugh

She is Certified in CPR for dogs. She makes sure our guests have lots of toys and get regular meals.

Photo of Chris Cavanaugh with dogs Yuki and Peaches
Chris Cavanaugh

Chris usually takes the dogs on at least two walks a day. Whenever we have guests, they get to come along, too.  Everybody likes walks.

Photo of dog Yuki who lives at Hugs Pet Sitting

He's been through training and responds well to voice commands. He loves to sing along when we sing "Happy Birthday."

Photo of dog Peaches who lives at Hugs Pet Sitting

Peach loves to run and chase dogs that she befriends. She's a sweet little girl and keeps an eye out for Yuki.

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